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Leifer Manor


In 1923 Clarence Leifer moved his wife, Vina, and three children, Marion, Wayne and Gale from Rosalia, Washington to Marysville.  What initially started in 1925 as a modest ten acre chicken and egg farm, grew into the largest privately owned strawberry farm in the Pacific Northwest.  Their youngest daughter, Donna was born in 1930.

In 1947 Clarence and Vina began construction of their new home (which was just four houses south of the original farm).  Clarence took a great deal of pride in his workmanship and it wasn't until Christmas in 1948 that he and Vina finally moved into what is now Leifer Manor.

Always the adventureous one, Donna moved to New York and operated a secretarial services at the New York Athletic Club for 12 years.  Homesick, she returned home and started the 1st secretarial service in Lynnwood, buying Highline Personnel six months later.  In 1980 the 1st Snohomish County Executive, Willis D. Tucker, recruited her to serve as his Executive Assistant.  After 12 years of service to the county,  Donna desired an opportunity to once again operate her own business and found inspiration in the beautiful home her father had built nearly 50 years prior.  With the same pride her father exhibited in building his home, Donna began what is now known as Leifer Manor.  Operating from May thru September as a covered outdoor facility for wedding, receptions, and other special occasions, Leifer Manor has earned distinction as a premiere Northwest outdoor wedding and reception facility /event location. 

Donna's daughter Melody shares her vision of Leifer Manor and since 1995 has enjoyed working with her mother as a partner.  As Melody's four daughters - Ashley, Brittany, Alexis and Courtney have gotten older, Melody looks forward passing on the same lessons she learned from her mother in the operations of Leifer Manor.  They have in the past worked in the set up and parking areas, but now will be getting ready to take on more managerial duties.


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