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Leifer Manor


ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED WITH SIGNED Rules and Regulations relating to alcohol contract.  If alcohol is brought onto property without owner’s knowledge the event deposit will automatically be forfeited. _________ Initial here


Guests include all children and members of the bridal party.Base rental fee is for 7 hours and up to 150 guests.For 151-200 an additional $200 is due; for 201 -250 guests an additional $400 is due.If the actual count is more than the maximum on the front of this contract, applicant is liable for the additional amount per the above.If additional time is needed, it is to be paid in advance (based on $200 an hour).

Money for the rental of the facility is due to Leifer Manor 90 days prior to the event.There is no refund if date is cancelled after this time, except for the event deposit.

If anyone, including vendors, arrives on the property before “arrival time” or anyone is not off the property after “departure time”, a charge will be deducted from your event deposit; i.e., if departure time is 9pm and guests are here at 9:01 $50 will be charged, still here after 9:16 another $50 will be charged and so on.This applies to arrival time as well.

All tables must be covered with something. (paper, plastic or cloth).No exceptions.

Leifer Manor provides a prep kitchen for your caterer or self-catering.There is to be NO cooking (all food must be cooked elsewhere).Ovens are for warming only.Kitchen is to be left in a reasonable condition, and if not a fee may be deducted from your event deposit.

Individual signing the contract assumes full responsibility for the conduct of guests, members, employees or third parties hired to provide services.The misuse of facility or failure to conform with the rules and regulations and general information herein will be sufficient cause for the owner to close event down and deny any further use.If event is shut down the event deposit is automatically forfeited.

Renter will be responsible for leaving Leifer Manor in a reasonable condition.

Children under the age of 12 must be under the direct supervision of an adult.Please stress this to your guest.

Rice, confetti, sparkles, potpourri, birdseed, scotch tape, and silk rose petals are NOT allowed.There is to be no small loose items placed on the tables that can be blown away.A $100 fee will be charged if any of the items above are used.If you’re not sure what you are using is ok please bring it the night of rehearsal or take a picture and email it to us and we will let you know.It’s better to ask, than to get fined.

A reasonable amount of Real rose petals on the cake table and down the aisle is fine.

Any form of music must be kept to a moderate level.The owner reserves the right to have music turned down at any time.All music must be off by 9:55.Discuss with owner if you would like to have live music.If it takes the DJ or band 30 minutes to break everything down make sure you schedule that into your departure time.

Leifer Manor reserves the right to cancel this contract if Leifer Manor becomes unusable due to any natural disaster (including fire, flood or earthquake).

Wedding rehearsals are on Thursdays prior to your event, and are to be scheduled in advance.Only the wedding area is to be used.Only children in the bridal party should attend and must be supervised the entire time.NO FOOD OR ALCOHOL on the night of rehearsal.


ACCEPTED_____________________________________ (Must be 21)     DATE_________


I understand there is a 3% convenience charge added to all credit card charges____________ Initial here


Initial every line

If alcohol is brought onto the property without the owners’ knowledge, the event deposit will automatically be forfeited. ________

Alcohol consumption must be in accordance with Washington State law.If alcoholic beverages are served, the applicant must obtain a banquet permit from Washington state liquor control board (online), and provide a licensed bartender during the entire time alcohol is being served. ________

The licensed bartender MUST be hired by the applicant from the approved list of bartenders provided by Leifer Manor. _______

The permit must be received by Leifer Manor the night of rehearsal.Failure to obtain the permit means that absolutely no alcohol will be allowed on the premises. ________

No alcohol consumption allowed by guests or bridal party till AFTER the wedding ceremony.Forfeiture of event deposit is automatic, if violated.________

Alcohol consumption is limited to beer, wine, champagne and Mike’s lemonade or similar bottled beverages.NO hard alcohol is allowed on the property at any time. _________

Consumption of alcohol by minors is prohibited by State law and will not be tolerated at Leifer Manor.If underage drinking is found to be a problem the function will be shut down.This right is reserved by the owner of the premises, any staff member of Leifer Manor, and the licensed bartender.Automatic forfeiture of event deposit if violated.________

If the bar has to close, alcohol will be taken by Leifer Manor and not released until the next day. ________

Applicant acknowledges and accepts all legal responsibility and liability for the consumption of alcohol by his/her guests.________


Accepted:______________________________________ Date:__________

Driver’s License #:_________________________________ must be 21 to sign